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Celtics Reaquire Antoine Walker

1510 the Zone just announced that we have acquired Antoine Walker for Gary Payton, Googs, Yogi Stewart. The Herald reports that the deal includes the lesser of our 1st round picks. ESPN confirms the deal.

Danny's Statement

hagrid and I will organize our thoughts and provide a full breakdown in the morning. However, briefly I'll say that I'm thrilled with it. Walker haters are going to hate this trade for obvious reasons. I've always been a fan of Walker's, even though I supported the trade that sent him away originally. I'll say this for Danny, ignore the individual deals and look at the body of his work. The difference between what he inherited vs. what he has built is staggering. We aren't a finished product, but we've got a good direction going.

We are now down to 11 roster spots, so Danny has the option to pick up some of the loose change laying around the league do to the various moves. Some whispers are talking about Gary coming back, but he'd have to clear waivers first. Doesn't seem likely to me, but who knows?

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