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Deals, Get Ya' Deals Here!

Since Jeff can add to my articles, he can add to this as the day passes up to the 3pm deadline.

The first real shots of the pre-trade deadline frenzy were fired by Sacremento and Philly. Sacto sent perennial All-Star (when healthy) Chris Webber to Philly for what amounts to fillers. Here's how it breaks down:

Sacto Gets: Kenny Thomas, Brian Skinner, Corliss Williamson
Philly Gets: Chris Webber, Matt Barnes, Michael Bradley

The discrepancy in talent on this one's probably due in part to CWebb's questionable ability to remain healthy over a full season these days and the fact that the Malouf's will save 3mil in salary next year, which continues to escalate to 14 mil by contract end.

Regardless of the reasoning, this trade has the potential to very much change the landscape of the Eastern Conference and Atlantic Division standings.

Celtics related rumor:

Stephen A. Smith was quoted on tonight's NBA FastBreak: "My sources indicate talks among Boston and Cleveland that would send Jiri Welsch to Cleveland for a future 1st round pick."

Update on Jiri: The Boston Herald confirms that Danny is weighing his options and will likely trade Jiri at some point today. According to Cavs fans, the team has a trade exception, so it is possible that Jiri could be traded for that and a future first rounder. Hard to see the Cavs going anywhere but up in the future, but its always good to stockpile draft picks.

This is only a rumor and cannot be sustantiated yet. However, since it's deadline day, we'll keep you updated if anything concrete on this breaks.

We'll keep updating as they come in. Stay tuned.....

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