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Payton Back To Boston?

Its crazy, its a long shot, but it could happen. First of all, there is a precedence of this happening. Last year in the Chucky Atkins deal, Danny (unofficially as part of the deal) released Lindsay Hunter. I thought Gary would have to pass through waivers, but it turns out Ric Bucher is reporting that he's being bought out by the Hawks and will be a free agent.

So why would Gary want to come back to a team that just traded him away? Because in the last few weeks he's been talking extension with Danny. We found out that the market for Gary was not enough for a team to forfeit a first rounder. Perhaps he thinks the best shot he has at a 2 year deal is here in Boston.

Houston has been named as a possible destination for GP. Apparently they were trying hard to get Cassell from the TWolves before the deadline. I wouldn't count them out of the race at all.

Still, the interesting thing is that it could happen. So for fun, we can still dream of a lineup of Payton, Pierce, Ricky, Antoine, and Raef with some young studs coming off the bench. (or whatever lineup arrangement suits your fancy)

By the way, you guys on the message boards brought up several great points and I definitly stole much of your material, so feel free to keep discussing it on the boards.

Fun Speculation Update: People who heard Wyc speak on the radio are saying that he mentioned that there will be a point guard released tomorrow that they'll be interested in signing. Also, supposedly Al Jefferson said that he had a feeling that Gary would be back. Where there's smoke...

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