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Options Trading

If Danny somehow gets Gary back, I think the world will have no choice but to admit that this was a great trade for the Celtics. However, I tend to think it could work out to be a good trade even if Gary doesn't come back.

In the most simplistic terms, we just traded a older player who may not want to stay here for a younger player that really wants to stay here. Best case scenario is that he fits in perfectly with Ainge's plan and Doc's system and we have our two stars back and a much improved supporting cast. Life isn't quite that perfect, but if we finish strong and make a dent in the playoff brackets, we could see Mr. Walker here for quite some time.

However, even if the Walker experiment doesn't work out, he will still have value to us in the offseason. Think of it this way. If Payton walked at the end of his contract, he'd most likely go to a Western Contender for the mid level exception. Now, if we decide to part ways with Antoine, he can still bring us value in a sign and trade. His market value is obviously lower than the max deal he's finishing out, but it likely higher than the mid level. If you don't believe me, just look at the deals from this last offseason. So if he wants to get that money and not go back to a team like the Hawks, he'll have to let us work out a sign-and-trade with some team that needs him.

No trade can be evaluated properly the week after its completed. The effect of the trade is best seen over months and even years. There is a lot of uncertainty still to come. How long do the rookies need to really take over? What will come of the new collective bargaining agreement? Whatever happens, its nice to know that we have options. (can't really say the same thing for division rivals Philly and New York)

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