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Will GP Come Back? (updated)

Its official, he's a free agent. Most "sources" claim that the Celtics have the best shot at resigning him, but even his agent doesn't seem to know for sure what he'll do. I assume (and hope) that he's talking it over with his family and making the best decision he can that will benefit him and his loved ones.

West and Banks have looked good in the time that they've gotten, but I'm sure we'd welcome back our favorite Hall of Fame veteran for the playoff run. Perhaps he can even please the people worried about Walker's shot count by controlling the distribution of passes. It couldn't hurt.

Tuesday Morning Updates: So the Hawks bought out all but $500K of his remaining $1.7. He still has to clear waivers, but is likely to do so because to claim him, a team would need to have $5.4M of cap room to play with. According to the Post the Nets thought about bidding for him, but had only the Vet minimum while the Celts can offer him $1.6M.

...mmmmkay, if anyone understands all of that, put down your slide rule and explain it to the rest of us. Do the Celts have some financial advantage to signing Gary I didn't know about?

By the way, the list of suitors now includes Denver, Miami, Minnesota, Phoenix, and (sort of) New Jersey. And yes, the league will look into the matter to make sure there were not any Joe-Smith-like manuevers.

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