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Beat LA!

Welcome to the Jungle Kobe. You can get your lawyers to pay off that girl in Colorodo, but you can't hide from the Fleet crowd tonight. Old friends Chris Mihm, Chucky Atkins, and Jumaine Jones are back again. Hopefully we can show them why they were expendible in the first place.

This team is rolling on an emotional high with Walker likely to get a "Beatles land in America" type greeting from the crowd. The only worry is that Antoine and the boys keeping focused on the task at hand. With all the attention on Paul and Antoine, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ricky the Microwave heat up for burst of points.

Reports in the newspapers make it sound like Gary won't be available for the game. But I'm sure he'll be rooting for us to take down his former employers. Gary or no Gary, I think Delonte has earned himself some playing time, if only to keep his jump shot in the game. Hopefully (former #8?) Al Jefferson can stay out of foul trouble and show the old dog a few of his tricks.

Should be a good game. Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

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