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Past, Present, and Near Future

Just some quick links to other bloggers around the web.

Scott over at wrote his thoughts on the Celtics/Raptors game the other night.

Looking for some insight into the Rockets? One of the better fansites (not a blog) that's been out there for a while is They used to have a Draft challenge where you predicted the NBA Draft (it was very slick). I actually won it one year. Totally useless information, but it's a chance to pat my own back.

In addition, Ron at Hornets24/7 takes a look around the world of NBA Blogs with the latest "Carnival of the NBA" installment.

As for the actual game against the Hornets, considering that its the second of a back-to-back and its a team that's been down all year, all I can do is quote Admiral Akbar:


However, before we get ahead of ourselves:
Celtics - Rockets Game Thread - by bostonfan23

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