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Doc for a Day

No, this isn't some contest like the "shadow Danny Ainge" contest the C's ran a while back (BTW: Who won that? I've never seen an update on it). It's something to keep those arm chair head coaches out there busy thinking about the Celtics.

Put yourself in Doc's shoes as we prepare for the Knicks game on Wednesday night. What would you do? How would you run things? Who gets PT and who gets splinters?

The parameters are simple: Everyone(on the active roster) is available to play. However, keep in mind that GP sat out of practice yesterday with back pain, so you may want to factor a contingency into your planning for that. You're welcome to be as general or as specific as you like, but please at least address these questions:

1. Who starts?
2. Who are your first subs off the bench for PG, Guard, and Forward position. (feel free to justify)
3. Who finishes?
4. What are your "keys to the game" (Tommy lovers feel free to refer to this as the "Hein-Sight" section)

Feel free to address as many of the 5W's as you like.

We realize the comment area has limited space per submission. Therefore, the only other thing we ask is that you keep your submission limited to 2 consecutive posts (While it may prove interesting reading, in the case that someone has more to say, we want to make sure everyone gets heard and no one monopolizes the comments with a thesis length reply). So be brief and specific.


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