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Carnival of the NBA

Fresh off our 11-1 Prodigal Son streak, we are now faced with a 2 game losing streak and the Pistons coming to town. Rather than deal with this turn of events, I'm going to hitch-hike my way to the state of denial. To do so, I've agreed to take you fine people to see a carnival. Only you won't see bearded ladies (unless you count the scruff on Tim Thomas' chin) and you won't see someone throwing knives (though I hear there is a battery shortage in Philly, so look out). No, this is a Carnival of the NBA, where we look around the world of NBA blogs and say something short and pithy to give a virtual nod to each other and pat ourselves on the back for being so clever. On with the show!

I feel for Scott at RaptorBlog who is frustrated at his season's death rattle. The Celtics weren't the only ones running with the Bulls this week only to find themselves with hoofmarks on their backs. In addition, just last night, the Raps did us no favors by letting Webber go for 32 points in 40 minutes while AI got his 36 and the game winning jumper. Don't look now, but we might actually have to start worrying about that Sixers team again.

Speaking of the Bulls, on one hand, Matt at Bulls Blog is just giddy over the fact that the team isn't a doormat anymore. On the other hand, Bulls fans have their eye on shooting up the standings as high as 4th, or even (gasp) 3rd if they can take the division from the Pistons. The way they are playing now, I wouldn't mind not seeing them in the first round.

Speaking of teams I don't want to see again, Father Knickerbocker points out that the Knicks win snapped a 9 game win streak by Boston based teams over New York based teams (including the Sox and Pats wins). He goes on to describe in detail the trash talking done during that game, but I'm quickly (and bitterly) moving on to point out that the Sonics beat them last night. SupersonicSoul is on it!

Matthew of the San Antonio Spurs Blog is upset with Google because he has trouble getting search results to show them. Excuse me while I don't shed a tear for the 2005 World Champions. Maybe if he changed his blog title to "best franchise in basketball with the best player in the world blog" he could get more hits. Oh yeah, and he wants Brent Barry to step it up. Cry me a river Britney.

For someone who has something to complain about, check out Andrew at All That Jazz. Yep, its been one of those years for the Utes. Not even swiping Boozer from the Cavs has worked out. That name also played a part in the departure of Mr. Silas, as pointed out by The Cavalier Act. Then again, that might be a blessing if the snag a Flip or a Phil.

Thankfully Dave at The City hasn't gone delusional and realizes that signing Redd to the Warriors with the mid level exception is crazytalk.

Hornets24/7 have quite a bit to gripe about this year, but they keep plugging away and were kind enough to hold the Carnival last week. Hey, there's always the draft!

As for a team that I actually take delight in seeing fail, I can only say Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA! On the other hand, I do have a great deal of respect for the fans of that team, and I feel for them, a point. Sorry Kurt, but I'm really hoping Kobe further alienates the whole team, causing it to struggle for years so that we can maximize the value of the first rounder we're getting from you. Oh, and anytime you want to make another trade where we get back a portion of what we traded you (see Banks, Marcus), we'll do that again too. Still, I have to take my hat off to Forum Blue and Gold who are soon upgrading to a URL

Up the coast a bit, the Blazer never need any encouragement to tank a season. Cheers to Blazer Talk for hanging in there. Can someone tell me when Ruben Patterson became a diamond in the rough?

Finally, if you are looking for a site that does this sort of thing all the time, feel free to check out the NBA Fan Blog.

I hope you've enjoyed the carnival. I'm tired of typing.

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