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Big Al Feelin Chatty

He's a young man of few words, supreme confidence, and a dry wit. See the full chat here, but below are some favorite quotes:

John from Quincy, MA: ...That being said, was it a tough decision not to play college ball?...

Al Jefferson: (2:03 PM ET ) It wasn't a tough decision at all. I made the decision in junior high.

Stephan(Boston Ma): Do you think you will ever make 3 point shots part of your game?

Al Jefferson: (2:14 PM ET ) Noooooo.

JCC: Could you take Perk in a fight?

Al Jefferson: (2:18 PM ET ) If it came down to it, I could probably take him. But it could go either way.

Carew (Boston): Who's faster, you or Banks?

Al Jefferson: (2:19 PM ET ) Not me.

Brian (Chicago, IL): Al, I've got you on my fantasy basketball team and plan on retaining you for next year. Can I expect 20 and 10 next year once you finally get the minutes you deserve?

Al Jefferson: (2:22 PM ET ) Oh yeah. No question.

Yep, I like this kid. A lot.

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