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Confessions of a Celtchotic: Entries from # 3073:

This piece is meant in no way to make fun of, or otherwise demean, serious mental ilnesses and thier devastating effects on self, family and society. To assume any relation to a mean spirit is to miss our point.
It's ficticious entertainment from my demented mind (even if some of it's offerings bear semblance to my reality). So now that we've got that out of the way........)

Diary Entry Date: 28 March 2005

"I'm the reason the Celtics have lost 3 straight." Yes, I'm really sorry. I missed the last 3 games. We lost the last 3 games. I broke karma"

See my demensia at work?....There's a trembling inner character (I invite you to diagnose him as I have: demonius celtican. Translated from ancient hagridalin, means "possesses the deamons of a Celtic fan") that actually believes that statement and is wreaking havoc on neighboring inner systems in an attempt to get attention and rally revolt partners for the attack. Those inner characters want me to be on the alert, they want me to be paranoid, they want me to overreact and snap, they want me to be thinking.........always thinking......keep to the task. #17 won't come without your devotion.

Keep the karma. Yes, yes, keep the karma. Karma starts with consistency: Keep the schedule, keep the charms, keep the karma. Yes, that should do it. Gotta do it every game though.....break a streak at the wrong time and it could lead to a couple losses in the aftermath. You're responsible now that you started this. They depend on you now, you're part of the circle. You're a positive pathway for energy to flow from. You're now an infinetismal portion of the factor known as good luck for the Celtics. My god man, you can't walk away from that.(interjecting thought) Whoops, time to go to a meeting. I shut the mental celtics factory down, but I reserve the right to think about the Celtics while I'm driving to the meeting.

"I'm a freak. I run portions of my life around a singular facet of
my existence: The Boston Celtics."

I think about them when I don't have something higher on the list of priorities to immediately deal with. Forget the fact that I write the recaps, it' s just part of my obsession. It goes deeper. I can't watch a game without making sure "all is ready".

1a. Paul Pierce bobblehead is in place, staring dead at
the tv.
1b. Giant Celtics pillow facing tv.
1c. Logo on Celtics blanket is facing the tv.

2a. T-Shirt or Jersey? (Is it a Big Game? Maybe

2b. Shorts: greens or official home whites?

Ok, that's everything. If it happened in the last victory and can reasonably be accomodated, I'm doing it this game too. Now, just observe the general guidelines: Keep to the norm..... no one switches chairs until the end of the quarter. (This is generally an issue with my wife whenever I light a fire in the fireplace. Once it gets going, she wants to switch places on the couch because my spot is closest to the fireplace.) However, she knows that if she thinks of the spot situation once the quarter has started, she'll have to wait until the quarter ends before she can put her feet up near the fire. She's learned so quickly. She not only accepts that I'm pathetically like this, but she embraces it. She even feels a certain "responsibility" to the celtics. She's developed it, in part, because of me. She saw one of the things that I love and wanted to see if she could be part of it. There's nothing sexier than a woman who can intelligently talk about sports, let alone the Celtics, so there's no way I'm going to discourage this. Besides, why would I discourage the pursuit of sports knowledge or pass up a chance to help groom another Celtic faithful, one whom also gets to watch every game with me. Helz yeah, this is a winning-the-lottery type situation here. She digs me and she digs the Celtics.

Even if it only started out as her paying attention to the Celtics because she wanted to see what this whole being a "celtic fan" thing was all about, she's now way past that. She's a fan. A short time fan, but a fan none the less. (She's been a Celtic fan since she knew enough about me to figure out it was important to me. That means she's got about 5 years in now. Before then, she really didn't care about basketball enough to watch it regularly). She knows the game enough to talk about it intelligently. She also asks questions when she doesn't know. I don't mind the questions, but I dread the ones I can't answer. She learns alot by reading this blog. She knows that while I may be considered a primary source of Celtic knowledge for her, that I shouldn't be the only source. She observes what others say in response to what I write. She already knows what I thought about the game. (The neighbors sometimes know what I thought about the game too.) Now she can find out if I'm full of crap or not in my lunatic ramblings and rantings.

She also gets to watch me contort the same language I offered up here in our living room during the course of the game, (often language that would make a sailor blush) into the pg/pg13 version of thoughts that the fine folks at read in the recaps. I honestly think she also derives some entertainment at watching the metamorphasis that ensues. "How swiftly an oft-twisted tongue can compose itself, so tame, for sake of polite conversation" (another ancient hagridolin translation). Yes, I'm quite sure she derives some pleasure in watching that.....

End entry.

Just a bit of fun. Hope it provoked thoughts on any of your own Celtic "tendancies" or those you've observed.

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