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Top 10 Moments In CelticsBlog History - Part II

5. Trade Gary Contest
Interactivity at its best, this was pure gimmick all the way and it worked! Everyone loves making up trades, I was convinced that Gary was going to be traded since at the time it didn't look like he wanted to report to the team. So we started the Trade Gary Contest and let the entries fly in. We then proceeded with the thankless job of sorting through the rumors and coming up with just 5 finalists. Predictably, everyone who's entry wasn't picked was royally ticked, but oh well. We all ended up being wrong as Gary wasn't traded until much later, and even then was kind of traded for,... himself. (as for the contest, Waltah Sucks ended up getting the most votes)

4. Game Recaps Begin
The now epic hagrid game recaps began on a high note and started the karma off right. Game after game has been broken down through the eyes of our resident fan-scout. The most unique and passionate recaps you'll find on the web make it easier for the distant fans and League-Pass-Challenged to get a real feel for how the game really went.

3. CelticsBlog 2.0 (Migration of Chat Room and Site Overhaul)
Boston fans are notorious for hating change and valuing tradition over fads. So it was with great trepidation that I threw off the old straightforward style and put my creativity with HTML to the challenge of the current look and feel. Soon after it came to light that the fabled chat room was going to be closing its doors and morphing into a (as it turns out, pretty poor) message board. I looked around the web for a plug-n-play solution and offered it up to the fine chatting folks who now call it home. Finally, once the little green box comments started getting into the 90 to 100 range, I felt it was time to offer another outlet to the contributors. Thus, the message boards were born.

2. Sean Grande Q&A
We were paid a huge compliment when Sean Grande, the voice of the Celtics, paid us a visit and sent some praise our way. We were even more honored when he offered to do a Q & A session with us. As you can see from his responses, Sean is not just the voice and the guy that keeps Max in check, he's also got a great feel for this team and knows his basketball. A great read.

1. Walker Returns
You knew this was the one. As the news was being announced on the radio, I was typing it up for the blog in real time. Our traffic quadrupled and the message board went off the charts with new posters and endless threads. Once again, people chose this site as the place to come to get the latest Celtics news and discussion. Like Walker or not, the buzz generated by his return was unmistakable. Even before the team went on a winning streak, people were fascinated by the prodigal son's return.

So that's it. That's our top 10. Did we leave your favorite out? Did we forget something? Let us know.

Here's to one fantastic year of the blog and we look forward to many more memories!

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