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Quick Notes

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen I have time, I'll try to address the great polarization effect that Walker has once again had on the fanbase of this team. Or maybe I won't. I'm not sure yet. You could write a book on that and I'm not sure I have the patience. Walker is what he is and how you feel about that determines your hopes for the team's long and short term success, and not much I can say will change that.

On the bright side, Gabe Kahn is back with another article. But this time, instead of raining on our parade, he's here to emplore us to "Get Back On the Bandwagon!" Many of us never left, but looking at the traffic numbers lately, several people have.

In other news, Chris Webber is down with some kind of shoulder injury. Not to be confused with his knee injury. Not to be confused with his nerve. Oops, I meant to say nerve injury. Yeah, that's it. This could either be the last leak that sinks the Sixers ship, or the quickest case of Ewing Theory ever. We'll find out Sunday.

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