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Celtics (W) vs Hawks (L): 116-100 Losing Streak Ends

Image hosted by It would be nice to be able to say "I watched and they won". However, I'm thinking that getting a game against a team that's 11-60 when you've just dropped 4 straight, is a welcome relief and much bigger factor in the outcome.

By 5:51 in the 1st, the Celtics ran out to a 19-9 lead. By 2:55, it was 27-14. Banks, RD and Blount checked in with :59 left in the 1st quarter, with the Celtics leading 30-16.

In the early second, Blount and Davis enjoyed raining down jumpers on the Hawks and extended the Celtics lead to 42-22 with 9:24 left in the half. Perkins started the 2nd quarter and had some decent play, particularly in his time during the 2nd quarter. He was the rewarded for his effort in creating a steal opportunity and then running the floor, finishing with a hard 2-handed flush. He then kicked in a couple drop-pass assists to cutting Tony Allen and Mark Blount, respectively.

Ricky Davis continued the Celtics scoring push with dagger shooting. However, on this play, he was fed an alley-oop that came off a curl screen on the FT elbow. It was one of those plays where you knew as soon as he turned the corner, the oop was coming and it did. At around the 5:00 mark in the 2nd, FSN South did a cut in with a Georgia State Lottery official about a half time contest. It wasn't clear whether this was purposeful or a happy coincidence since no one watching the game really wanted to talk about the game right now. It was 60-36 Celtics with 2:44 when the Hawks called timeout.

They also showed a clip of a pre-game interview with Doc Rivers, on the subject of former Hawks teammate Dominique Wilkens not getting into the Hall of Fame on his first chance: "....I wish some of the people voting would have talked to teammates and opponents who played against 'Nique. Get a group of them in a room and ask them how you stop Dominique Wilkens? The silence in the room will tell you why he belongs in the Hall of Fame. 'Cause no one could stop 'Nique".

At the Half, the Celtics led 68-46. RD already had 22 pts(9/10 FGs). The Celtics also shot 69% from the field.

Raef would leave the game at 7:11 in the 3rd, not to return until mid-way through the 4th when the Hawks continued to scrap around and got the game to within 9. However, RD et al went on another scoring run and with Raef back in the game to act as a shot-blocking presence, the C's shut the door on this one for a 116-100 win.

This was one of those games you want to have when you've dropped a few. Even with the Celtics propensity to play down to thier competition, I never was worried about us losing this game. Hopefully this will turn the team back around and onto another winning run to at least solidify that 3rd spot in the East. I liked what we got out of Raef and Perkins tonight. Your have to trust me that their stat lines don't tell the whole story. They altered alot of shots and really worked hard on the board, keeping balls alive, etc. I love that Blount's gotten so comfortable with his 15ft jumper, but his rebounding efforts are not to my liking.

Player of the Game: Ricky Davis

36 pts on 14/17 shooting and 8/10 FT. Silky smooth from all ranges out to the arc. The radar was on tonight for RD.

Also see another excellent game thread by bostonfan23.

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