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No Scapegoating

Some of you have made this point already, but I thought I'd highlight it again. My last post about Doc was intended to make a point about the focus of the team. One of Doc's roles as the Coach is to focus the team. However, that doesn't make him the only reason for the recent slide. Everyone is to blame.

The starters did nothing out of the blocks in that last game. They didn't exactly set the world on fire in the other games either. Many were quick to single out Walker shooting too many 3's as explanation for the losing, but that wasn't the case Sunday. Paul got his points against the Sixers, but anyone that saw that game can attest to the fact that the rookie Igoudala owned him that day. The rest of the vets have looked flat or tired or out of synch for a week now. Ricky has been his usual streaky self. Scorching hot one day, not so much the next.

Think the Young Guns are free of blame? Wrong. We as fans can stomp our feet and scream to put in our favorite young player (I'm in the "play Perkins" camp), but until that player proves it in practice and shows it in limited minutes, he won't be trusted with more minutes and responsibility.

Basically what I'm saying is that it seems silly to start the finger pointing unless you are pointing at the team as a whole. Hopefully things will turn around and this valley will lead to more peaks in the future. The Wiz will be a good test. They aren't a powerhouse, but they are a tough, playoff bound club that will give us a great game. Go Celtics.

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