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Perk May Start - Fans Giddy

I was hoping to see Doc come out with some motivational tools, and according to Shira, he did so yesterday.

Step 1: Show them tape of their disgusting effort on Sunday. A picture is worth 1,000 words. I'm not sure he had to say anything.

Step 2: Insert one of the catalysts for the turnaround into the starting lineup. Perk! Oh sure, he made it sound good by saying that didn't like having Perk and Al in at the same time and this would pair vets with young players, but I'm not totally buying that. He needs a lineup shakeup and that's the logical place to go right now.

The Wizards are not a team you want to sleep on, as they can get hot quick. They are fresh off an embarassing loss of their own (12 - 0 run by the Pacers in the 4th) and are trying to cement their foothold in the playoff standings. However, the Celtics are one of those teams that can match their small ball style and if the hunger is there, they could turn the corner starting tonight.

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