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Thanks and Quick Notes

I certainly appreciate the kind words from everyone. Tuesday was a lot of fun for me, but it made it even better knowing that it would also be a treat for you. As for the future, who can tell what that holds? As I said, I'll keep knocking on doors and see which ones open. Its not a matter of "will I sell out?" Its just "how low is my price?" But I'll always be a ranter.

Back to the Celtics: Its looking more and more like Ricky Davis could be closing in on the 6th man award. The other night, Doc was saying that the biggest surprise with Ricky was his basketball IQ. "When he does wrong, he knows he's doing wrong, and he's waiting for you to call him on it." To me the thing that people get mixed up is thinking that Ricky has changed somehow. He's always going to be the same basic person he's always been. However, everyone matures as they grow. Ricky's learned a lot in just a few years and (as Doc mentioned) we are lucky to be seeing the benefits of that growth now.

Ever see a play called for Al Jefferson? Chances are Gary or Ricky were calling out "floppy 4." That's the play they call for him. I wonder how that name came about. Can you guess what I'll be hollering at the TV the next time Al's in the game?

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