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Celtics(L) vs Nets (W): 99-86 Doc Tossed Early

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell folks, this one is going to be short. When Justin Reed spends more time in the game and makes more of a positive, meaningful contribution to the team than Doc Rivers does, you know it's going to be a long day.

Doc managed to get tossed from the game with 2 quick technical fouls at 10:19 in the 1st quarter. I have no idea what he said. Whatever it was must have been a doosey, since when the camera panned to him, he was still sitting in his chair and had an incredulous scowl on his face. Walker got called for an offensive foul just before the incident, so I'm guessing it had something to do with that.

Regardless, it wasn't the only crappy call this game, not that the Celtics likely would have won the game even with better officiating. Vince Carter went nuts on us and was completely unconscious from outside. He hit several 3pt bombs from 2-3 steps outside the arc.

The Celtics were never really in this game. The C's took a timeout at 2:54 in the 1st and they were already down 26-15. They never got the score closer than 8 points after that and it was usually at least an 11 point gap or more. I'm not sure if it was never there today or if Doc getting tossed so early put the team in a fog. Either way, the temporarily promoted Tony Brown couldn't get them together.

Pierce and LaFrentz really hustled well all game. GP couldn't handle guarding VC (not that anyone could have today, but PP seemed to slow him down more in the second half). 'Toine was never really a factor in this game. The C's didn't really go to him in the post and he didn't really look to try and score much from outside either. Tony Allen never even got into the game tonight until 6:45 the 4th quarter. Justin Reed got 4 mins tonight, what's up with almost no Tony? I don't like it and want to see him with more regular playing time than this.

Our efforts were scattered and unorganized tonight. We over-pursued alot again and I didn't feel like we used the shot clock very well. Regardless, there's alot of reasons to blow this one off. VC having the kind of night he had is a good reason. 'Toine's reinsertion could have caused some confusion. Doc getting booted is certainly a factor on the outcome. Whatever factor you choose is up to you. I'm looking to Doc. There were plenty of guys putting forth good effort out there tonight, I just think they needed better organization and direction than Tony Brown could provide.

Celtics lose: 99-86

Player of the game: Raef LaFrentz

During his time on the floor, Raef out hustled every other Celtic. He did what he could to stop the Nets on the interior and had some success, collecting 2 official blocks and altered many others. He ran down loose balls heading out of bounds and got on the floor for them as well. 9pts/8rbs and 2 blks doesn't seem like enough to garner POG, but the stats don't tell his hole game tonight. In a game where alot of people weren't able to do what we normally ask of them, Raef was a constant and the backbone of our defense while on the floor.

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