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Monday Morning

Some quick monday morning thoughts as I wipe the sleep out of my eyes.

  • If this were the NCAA Tourney, we'd be getting a stern look from the selection committee for not finishing the year on an up note. Philly, New Jersey, and Indy are all scorching hot while Boston, Washington, and especially Cleveland are stumbling and struggling.
  • Line of the day goes to Steve Bulpett, when reporting on the fun scrimmage of C's forwards/centers vs. the guards: "in what had to be the rapper Christopher Wallace memorial, the Biggies fell to the Smalls."
  • The contempt that Peter May has for Ricky Davis continues to shine through. I'm going to start calling May "Casper" cause he's about as transparent as a ghost in this regard.
  • I keep forgetting to mention to check out the latest Carnival of the NBA, this time hosted by SupersonicSoul.
  • I totally stole the bullet points idea from BullsBlog.
  • I wonder what song the NBA will chose to annoy us with during this year's playoffs. Still having flashbacks to the Black Eyed Peas "Lets Get It Started." Too bad the Celtics never got it started last year.
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