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Celtics (L) vs Cavs (W): 100-86 Walk Through

Well, for those who caught the game, it was mostly a sleeper. For those that didn't, you didn't miss much, other than the youngin's getting alot of time tonight. All 12 guys played tonight and the second unit got a rare full 4th quarter burn, even though the game wasn't close to already decided. They got some experience and a shot to close the game, while the vets got to rest. Obviously they weren't able to close the deal, but it was nice to see Doc stick with them, as the Cavs announcers kept asking alound whether Doc was going to bring the vets back in to try and close the deal.

The Cavs got exemplary effort out of Lebron James (go figure), Anderson Varejao and Robert "Tractor" Traylor. All 3 hit the boards very well. Varejao made some big plays (including a great flop in the 3rd quarter to induce an offensive foul on 'Toine) and passed pretty well. Traylor made his living in the post on the C's, who mostly had little answer for the variety of Cavs posts players they saw tonight. James, well....he did what he does: everything. One thing I want to say before ending comments on the Cavs is that James impressed me with his constant movement and ability to get open.

I'd like to say more about the C's, but there really isn't much to say. PP didn't do much, 'Toine had a nice effort inside, even if it wasn't that fruitful (in other words, during the time he was in, he spent much more time in the post than out front, which should keep a smile on most Celtic fans faces). Raef was in foul trouble early and GP just motored along steadily, as usual.

I was hoping to see RD go off tonight, as a sort of "payback" to the Cavs, but that never really materialized. Banks was under control tonight, West was mostly a non-factor in short time and so was Jefferson. We saw alot of Perkins tonight and I think he set a personal record in the 2nd quarter by going over 9 minutes and only collecting 2 fouls.

All in all, this one was a snoozer. I honestly thought we'd find a way to pull it out somehow, even with Doc keeping the youngin's in to close the contest, but it wasn't to be. Oh well, maybe we're saving it to play spoiler for the Nets tomorrow night? (Personally, I hope so, I've grown to loathe the Nets in recent years)

Final Score: 100-86 Cavs Win

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