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Bring On The Pacers

You know, I've never liked Reggie Miller, but I've always had to respect him. He's a phenominal shooter, and as clutch as they come, but I guess I just never liked the way he acts. When he wants a foul, he flails about like a doily in a wind tunnel. When he talks trash, it comes across as preppy and amaturish (and have you heard his voice?). He just doesn't carry himself with the cool demeanor that say, a Michael Jordan, or even a Joe Dumars would. Granted, many don't like the attitude and demeanor of my beloved Antoine and Paul, so beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

Regardless, if fate would have it that Reggie would end his playing days at the hands of his GM's old team, so be it. Bring 'em on.

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