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Why Not Us Too?

I could give you 101 reason why we won't get out of the second round, never mind win it all. But I won't. There will be time for realistic expectations and objective viewpoints later.

We are at the doorstep of the playoff and we're asking the rest of the league to come out and play. We've watched the Red Sox end a pretty long drought. We've watched the Pats continue their dynasty. Well, the Celitcs have had a 19 year drought since the last time it was able to add to its dynasty.

So, to quote the lyrics to last year's playoffs theme, lets get it started!

The Case For 17 in 2005

I'm essentially basing this argument off a simple, fundamental truth that we've witnessed all year long. This is a streaky team can beat any team in the league on any given night (and lose to any team on any given night). What happens when a team like that gets on a roll? Lets dream about it, shall we?

First Round

Jermaine O'Neal and the ghost of Reggie's glory days will be enough to take 2 games in this series. However, what do they have beyond that that really scares us? Stephen Jackson? He's pretty scary if you happen to be a short, white dude sitting 10 rows back and a guy behind you just threw his beer at Ron Artest. Sure he'll score some points in the right situations, but he's streakier than Will Ferrell on rush week. Dale Davis? I have sod in my yard younger than him. Credit their coach and their love for Reggie for getting them this far, but this is the end of the road. Celtics 4, Pacers 2

Second Round

I'm just going to assume that the World Champs advance and meet us in the second round. Nuff respect due to the World Champs (and Laker beaters). However, I do know based on recent history that the Celtics can hang with this team. Our array of offensive weapons keep coming at their vaunted defense and eventually we slip by and add up some points. On the other hand, thanks to Big Ben, they always seem to play 4 on 5 on offense, which can drag a team down. Plus, you never know when the inevitable Larry Brown meltdown moment will occur. It won't be easy, but the C's could pull out a gritty series. Celtics 4, Pistons 3

Eastern Conference Finals

Again, going on the path of most resistance, I'll assume the Shaq show is coming to town and bringing the Boy Wonder with him. Once again, recent history teaches us that the Heat can be beat. If the support cast is cold from 3 land, you'll have a much easier time focusing efforts on containing Wade and fouling the Big Nickname Bestower. Perk was absolutely made for this job. For once, he can go out and do what comes naturally; throw his body around and use up all his fouls. Then get Raef out there to run him around the perimeter and get him to D up Al Jefferson who is too naive to know to be scared of Shaq, and you've got a killer combo. Especially if Shaq has a bad wheel. Sick Ricky Davis on Wade and hold him to a mere 48 points and we are in this thing. Celtics 4, Heat 2


When the Spurs show up in the Finals, it will be because of complete team basketball and the best player in the game making the whole engine work. Still, as a creature of solid fundamentals, the most frustrating thing in the world must be to face a man with zero fundamentals who still manages to score and rebound. Walker would be the key to this series as he would frustrate Duncan to no end as he flips the ball up with his feet facing away from the basket but his torso is twisted to face the net sandwiched between two defenders. Paul will likely score zero points and Bruce Bowen takes up residence in his jersey, but he'll also lead the team in Tommy Points and passes to Ricky Davis who will be scorching Manu. Rasho and Blount will cancel each other out as they argue over who is more funky. So in the end, the Cinderella Celtics overcome the boring fundamentalists by being streaky-but-fun and take home the trophy where it rightfully belongs. Celtics 4, Spurs 3

Surely the Farrelly brothers will do a sequel to Celtic Pride and the schedule makers will make sure that the Lakers are in town for opening night at the Garden where we'll raise banner number 17 to the rafters as Red gives Danny a playful nudge and messes up his red hair.

Please don't wake me up, I like it here in Dreamworld. (singing softly to myself) "Lets get it started, yeah. Lets get it started, ha..."

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