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Must Control Fist Of Death

What a day to be a Celtics fan. Frustration, anger, dispair, desperately clinging to the remaining glimmers of hope. The emotions have already run the full range since last night and are likely to repeat cycle again before the day is done.

When I wrote "Ok, Panic," that was with 5 minutes left in the game that I turned off - not because I'm a bandwagon jumper (don't think anyone would argue my dedication), but because my head would explode if I kept watching. I'm not above a little knee-jerk reacting but I did have enough presence of mind to say "if" they can't perform then get rid of them. I don't know what the long term answer if for this team, but there will be plenty of time this offseason to think about it.

Right now I'm focused on beating the Pacers. We still have a great shot at doing just that. The series is still young and this team has shown that they can beat anyone when they are on. But something needs to happen soon to spark this team or we'll be contemplating the offseason sooner than most of us thought.

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