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Everything gets amplified in the playoffs. Down 2-1, this game becomes the most important game of the year.

Walker's suspension could prove to be a rallying point for this team. Like these same Pacers rallied when they lost Artest (and O'Neal, and Jackson...). The chips are down, the backs are against the wall; the cliches are getting thrown around like referees. Perhaps this team can come together as a team, share the ball, and step up the defensive intensity. Maybe we'll see Ricky and Raef recover their strokes. Perhaps Paul will bust lose with a superstar-like performance.


On the other hand, if they don't, we'll be in trouble. It's never easy to lose a player. It's even harder when that player is one of your best players and the vocal leader of the team. We've seen that this Pacer team can play through adversity. We haven't seen that consistently from the Celtics yet. This team is just as likely to fall apart as it is to come together.

So what will it be guys? We're standing at a crossroads. Down one road there lies failure, early vacation, and the potential break up of a team. Down the other road there is perseverance, courage, and the opportunity to fight another day. The second one is the harder road to travel, and its full of obstacles and pitfalls. But you know what Robert Frost says about roads less traveled...

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