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Playoffs - Game 4: 110-79 Back to Boston, TIED!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFirst, let me just yell at ESPN for cutting off the end of the Celtics vs Pacers game. Thanks alot, that was real nice.........

Ok, back to the game. Stop me if you've heard me say this before: "In Paul, I Trust". I hate it when my teams best player says "I need the ball more" and then goes out and puts up 30pts, 7rbs, 8 assts, 5 BLOCKS (yes, that's right, that's a big number). I hate it when he does it for a pivotal game, with the teams second best player not available, on the road. Man, I hate it when a guy steps up when far too many fans are just about to turn on him. Ok, enough sarcasm towards those who's faith has waivered of late. Dr. hagrid prescribes lithium, please take it regularly to wain the effects of your bi-polar disorder.

The Pacers had to come out in this game and adjust to the Celtics, not vice versa. We got to play our game tonight and that's always a big part of any victory. Going small created match up problems for them. We also played defense tonight. We managed to really disrupt the Indy offense, getting through screens and pressuring the ball.

We met every Pacer run tonight, the first 3, being pretty much quelled by Paul Pierce. The late one, the team really rallied and put the game away, after letting the lead get down to 3 pts. We passed the ball (sometimes, too much) and controlled tempo. I love the confidence that Doc showed in using DWest and Banks late in the game with thier foul trouble. I wish Perk would have gotten more time tonight, but I think Big Al did a decent job with his time in there tonight again. He's getting valuable time right now, assuming we move on. Allen got used less than I thought he was going to be in the second half, but when he did get in, he provided a spark (follow up dunk in 4th).


Final: 110-79

With 'Toine coming back next game, back in Boston, I'm expecting a big game from him. I'm expecting him to be a big passing and low post scoring PF for Game 5. He's not going to be contained forever and this has to be the most opportune time for it. It's time to push ahead. Get ready Celtic Nation.