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Junk Drawer Rants

  • As you would expect, Walker is back in the starting lineup. I don't have any fears that he won't fit in. If anything, I think he'll improve our rebounding. I do hope that the whole team can retain that urgency it brought into game 4. You know that Rick Carlisle is going to have some tweaks to combat the small ball and work the Payton-on-Reggie dynamic to his favor. Still, one of the biggest reasons for hope is the extreme versitility of this team. Seems like every player can play at least two positions.
  • Two more reasons for optimism: Ricky Davis getting hot and Paul Pierce staying hot.
    Paul on Davis: "Hey, he ain't going to be quiet forever."
    Jefferson on Paul: "He's The Truth, and The Truth be told tonight."
  • Anyone else reveling in the fact that the Nets got swept? They gave up a lottery pick so they could play the role of Washington Generals for the Heat. Now they go into the offseason and will likely reload with someone like Shareef Abdur-Rahim, bring back Smarmy Jefferson, and see how things go.
  • In case you've ever wondered where I got the term "Junk Drawer" from, I stole it a long time ago from Dan Shaughnessy who penned an "article" of quick blurbs that he called "Emptying Out The Junk Drawer Of A Sports Columnists Mind." Always liked that idea and still enjoy reading columns like it, even if it seems like he's mailing it in and cashing that Curse paycheck at this point.
  • I wasn't very impressed with American Dad, but I enjoyed the Family Guy premiere. Just glad to have that show back. Nice way to start it off too, naming off all the pathetic shows that got cancelled in the last 3 years. On a similar vein, the Simpsons ended with an all-out advertisement for Everybody Loves Raymond (on another network). It was funny and I laughed out loud. However, the whole "we're so cool we can make fun of our own network" thing is getting kind of cliche now, isn't it? In other news, CelticsBlog sucks.