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Lets Get Nuts

Nobody in their right mind could truthfully say that they have a feel for this team. Call it unbalanced, call it bi-polar, call it just-plain-dysfunctional, but somehow (more often than not) it works.

How is it that (arguably) our two biggest stars have gotten tossed at critical junctures of this series for the most boneheaded plays I've seen in a long time and the team still suffers no ill effects? How can a high school teenager be the best player on the floor for long stretches of games? How can our coach look thoroughly outmatched, then brilliant, often times in the same game? Don't even get me started on Antoine Walker, who epitomizes everything I'm talking about.

Like I said yesterday, the only thing you can predict is unpredictability, and that actually works in our favor. Any sane, competent player or coach on the other side knows how to deal with things that make sense. This team makes no sense whatsoever. We're the PG-13 guy that your're not really sure about. We're Sawyer on Lost. We're Mel Gibson at the beginning of Lethal Weapon doing 3 Stooges routines at gunpoint.

We're a little tapped, and we like it that way.

Perhaps that is why Paul and Antoine came up with the M*A*S*H skit in the press conference last night. Its Hawkeye and Trapper all over again. Sometimes the only way to deal with absurdity, is to embrace it. Hey, whatever works. Lets get nuts.