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Playoffs - Game 6: 92-89 Celtics Win OT Thriller. Win AND GO HOME!

Overtime and no Paul Pierce? No Problem!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLet me say that despite the fact that Paul's my boy...(to Paul): Damn man....that was a dumb move. I know he busted you in the chops, but that late in the game, you gotta keep your head. Up until that point, you had a really good game. Let's hope you're eligible for Game 7.

Let's give it up to Kendrick Perkins for trying admirably, when confronted with one of perhaps the most nerve racking situations that a player could get stuck in. Sure, he missed the FT's, but he looked confident in his attempts.

'Toine........Well, there's still plenty that can be complained about, but I think it's safe to say the AW can now be added to the list of other Celtics who've "had at least one good game". He can now help erase some of the memories of his slow start in this series by helping guide a home win. Let's hope he's up to the challenge.

Big Al Jefferson.....Hell yeah Kid! Great Game, I could be more pleased, but that's a hard level to achieve. I think he handled most of the game situations that came at him in stride, played very good defense (for him or anyone else) and wasn't afraid (like he ever is) to try to take someone on offense.

Raef did another very admirable job tonight. Good defensive presence, even when he was in foul trouble. Helped spread the floor on offense, and went after the boards. Good, solid effort.

RD, or should I say "Ricky Buckets" or the "Microwave Jr."? Perhaps RD is the single biggest reason for this win. He made his share of mistakes tonight, but always kept moving on offense and got alot of easy shot opportunities, which he converted on. He was quick and steady offense and his defensive effort was also pretty good.

Final Score: 92-89 Boston Wins. Series Tied: 3-3

I could talk about everyone else's contribution, but I'll just leave it with: TEAMS WIN. We rallied to each other and kept everyone involved, even when we slowed the ball down. GP and the other PG's did a good job creating good pressure on the ball (or Miller) and moved the ball well.

Let the bandwagon replenish and let's get the Fleet (or whatever the hell they are calling it today) rocking for Game 7. Revive and Excite the Jungle.

Keep Your Faith and Always Bleed Green.


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