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Bitter End: 70 - 97 Pacers Advance

What a year. I'll have to collect my thoughts for a full recap of the year at another time, but in brief, it was up, it was down, it was everything in between. A team defined by unpredictability was equally all over the map in the playoffs. Expect more of the same in the offseason. Anything can happen from this point on.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAs for the game, I was very disappointed in our ball movement and tempo. Too much iso and one-on-one, not enough passes, way too much dribbling. Watching Paul dribble out to the center circle to get around the double team was painful. Realizing that Ricky didn't take a shot for what seemed like forever was just as bad. Why was that? Oh yeah, they didn't pass the ball to get him open looks. Not that he did much when he touched it. Mostly ran into double teams and turned it over. Evil Walker showed up tonight, which should make for a fun offseason of speculation.

Walker, Pierce, and Davis all played poorly for most of the game and nobody else really stepped up. Wasn't very impressed with Doc's performance either. Seemed like he was clutching at straws, but I guess desperate times called for radical moves, and these just didn't work this time. What else can you say?

Pacers were the better team and I tip my hat to them. Jackson was huge, providing the only offense they could muster in the first half and pushing them in the second half as well. I guess his teammates won't be able to blame him anymore. Hand it to Rick Carlisle. He coached his team as well as anyone could have. He put them in position to win and they sealed the deal with their play. So, I have to tip my hat to them, but it doesn't mean I have to like them. Go Pistons.

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