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Gary Open To Backup Role

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSounds like Gary is willing to come back to the Celtics and even accept a role off the bench if need be.

In the past, Payton has wanted to be in a place where he can start. His agent, Aaron Goodwin, said that that doesn't necessarily matter to Payton now.
``I don't think it's an issue with Gary at this point,'' Goodwin said. ``I just think he wants to be in a situation where he can be competitive and win. There are some teams that Gary can go to and start. I think it's really going to come down to what he decides he wants to do after he's thought about it for a while.''

Now, keep in mind, this could be agent-speak for "lets let as many teams as posible drive up the price and see what happens." But still, it sounds like he likes Boston. If we want him back, I think he'd be open to finishing his career here.

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