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Walker Wants To Come Back

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis may not be a revelation, but you can't forget the fact that Walker is a free agent, and he has every right to pack up and move on, regardless of how the team feels about him.

"It's going to be tough if a lot of teams get involved," Walker said. "If I have a few teams out there that want me, it could get very interesting. It's a business, man. I have to do what's best for me at this stage of my career." My first priority's to be in Boston. It's up to those guys to step up and see how bad they want me to be a part of this team."

Ainge isn't going to make a knee-jerk reaction either.

``You can't base too much on one game or one series,'' he said after the 97-70 Game 7 loss to Indiana. ``You learn what you can from everything, but you can't just focus on this. I need to get away from it and evaluate it. But we've been evaluating things all year, day to day - professionalism, how guys are cohesive. Whether we won this game or not does not change our outlook and what we need to do.

Nobody knows what the team is going to do with Walker right now, and I'm not even sure Danny does. Its probably the single biggest decision that they have to make this offseason, but its still just one of many complex choices they'll face in the next few months.

So now, instead of rooting for the team, we'll be rooting for Danny. Transactions are the new game, the front office is the court, a cell phone is the ball, and our All Star is Danny Ainge. Go Danny!