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Ainge Takes Stock

Lots of stuff to read about from Ainge in both the Herald (Bulpett) and the Globe (Springer). Also, May checks in with his evaluation of the roster (of course taking his usual shots at Ricky).

My feeling after reading all this is that the most likely senario is for Gary to be the first to leave town. He's been unexpectedly happy here, but now he's a free agent. He has resurected his image a great deal after the whole "lost in the Bermuda-LA Triangle debacle." Someone will give him enough cash and a shot at a ring to make him happy.

Of course he's saying all the right things about Blount to try and pump up his trade value or at least be able to deal with him if he is stuck on the roster next year.

He's deflecting the responsibility of Walker resigning as much as possible on Walker, which is smart. That one could go either way and no matter which choice he makes, a lot of people will question the move.

Sounds like they are committed to Pierce. Then again, you never know what he might listen to. I'm pretty sure that Ainge hasn't backed off his "nobody is untradeable" stance, nor should he. But I'm hoping that it would take a hefty offer to pry Pierce from the Celtics.

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