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Mission Impossible: Get KG

There is one player that could potentially be on the market this offseason that I would absolutely trade Paul Pierce for (and then some). Kevin Garnett.

Before you call me crazy, consider that the TWolves have just about run out of options. They may have seen their window close last year and are locked into one of the biggest contracts ever. How many teams can absorb this contract and still hope to contend?

Why would the C's be in position to do this? For one, because they have tradable pieces. Paul is the centerpiece of any deal for KG, but the Wolves would of course want to start building for the future as well. We've got young talent galore and a few future draft picks to dangle. But how much of it are we willing to part with? There's the rub.

Any conversation the Wolves would have with us would start with Al Jefferson. The C's brass would have to think long and hard about dealing away the young man that could be the face of the franchise for years to come. I think that he would be the absolute last thing that they would offer and could be a deal breaker (keep in mind, all of this is in my mind). If Minnesotta would take Ricky Davis and a bunch of draft picks instead, then we're really in business. Perhaps they could deal Wally for a big man and build themselves a contender right away.

KG is only turning 29 later this month and has been exceedingly durable. He's a walking MVP candidate every year. The Celtics can surround him with low-priced talent (the Young Guns) and see what happens. Maybe its just a crazy fan's fantasy, but I'm allowed to dream a little dream once in a while.

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