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Fans Upset

Sounds like Bob Ryan's email inbox is full of fans frustrated with the team, and in particular Paul Pierce. As much as I like Paul, I can see where they are coming from. Mark Murphy goes on to point out how immature the vets on this team were.

Steve Bulpett grades out the players.

Update: It looks like Bruce Allen (Boston Sports Media Watch) and Bob Ryan got into a somewhat heated email debate over the Paul Pierce ejection incident. To the point where Ryan had this to say to Bruce:

WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? On what level is it remotely defensible? HE COULD HAVE COST THEM THE GAME FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT SELFISH RETRIBUTION and you say it "wasn't worthy of the hyperbole?" Give me a for-instance that you would therefore consider "worthy of the hyperbole."

Regardless of who's right, I found it somewhat amusing.