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Coverage Dwindling

The season is over, the reporters have turned in their season recaps and are retiring for a much needed vacation. Hats off to the folks that followed this team every day and fed us the information that we crave like candy.

However, that also means coverage will be suratic at best this offseason. Seeing peaks (draft coverage, summer league) and valleys (baseball season, football camps). But fear not, the CelticsBlog is not going anywhere. If anything, we really got going last year about this time. You see, we want to reshape and build this team, and now is the time to do it.

One of the main questions this offseason is "should we bring Walker back?" In the only Celtic article I've found so far this morning, Steve Bulpett looks at some of the questions related to Walker's free agency and its impact on this team.

As for me, I've heard the arguements both sides have made and I'm still torn. There's just so much unknown. Will he really improve with a full training camp and season in Doc's offense? Are his legs healthy enough to go several more years? Walker has never been a leaper, but he was particularly grounded this last postseason (following his late season knee issues), and that couldn't have helped as he tried to finish around the basket. If he gets paid, will he still be the good soldier or will he attempt to recapture some of that "stranglehold" on the team he once had?

And of course, the billion dollar question: just how far away is Al Jefferson from being a full-time guy?

I've always been a huge fan of Antoine Walker. I think given the right circumstance, he could be a key cog on a Championship team. I really do. However, I'm not yet convinced that this is the place where that could happen (nor do I know if that place will ever exist for him).

This is why I don't envy Danny his job. If he makes the wrong call, we'll be questioning him for years (see Blount, Mark). To keep Toine or to let him go. That is the question. And that's all part of the fun.

(p.s. I couldn't resist one more posting of the wiggle picture)