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Paul for Ray (again)

We know that this deal was discussed at the trade deadline. Enough sources have confirmed this for me to believe it. I think what happened is that the Celtics asked for Ray and another player to make it work (Radmanovic?) and the Sonics balked at the asking price. Simmons and the Diehards were just talking about this as well.

So, given that information, I think we need to at least acknowledge the fact that those talks could reopen now that Seattle is not likely to resign Ray Allen. Granted, this presumes that the Sonics get bounced from the playoffs, but I think thats a foregone conclusion at this point.

So, if this trade comes up again, does Danny pull the trigger? Should he? It would be a sign-and-trade for Allen, so they can make the money work.

Those that read this site know that I'm no Paul hater. I really like what he brings to the team. However, I don't think he's untouchable either. I'm of the opinion that you keep a guy like Pierce around for anything less than star quality (or at the very least, a very high draft pick). In this case, you are getting star quality, and a local guy (which the owners would love). I still think that Paul rebounds and passes better than Allen. However, Allen might fit better in the open court offense that Doc and company are implementing and he's hands-down the purest shooter in the game at this time (even the players voted that).

For me, I'm still favoring keeping Paul, but the scales could be tipped by throwing in a player like Radmanovic or at least Daniels and change. Draft picks are acceptable as well.

Like I said, I'm no hater, but there's a price for everyone, and Ray is a very tempting offer.

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