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Character Guys

"It's the play under duress that frustrates me more than the suspension and the push of Tinsley"

"emotional stability is needed"

"The league is trying to change [its] image and I just feel like we need players that are going to respect the game more"

Is that clear enough for you? Is everyone getting the point?

Danny started his rebuilding project by gathering all the talent he could find. To do so, he had to sacrifice some guys that were high character guys. Those guys were aging and were not going to be very useful leaders from the bench or trainers table, so I don't have any problem with their departure. Nor do I have an issue with who was brought in.

However, the next step has to be taken. Now that we've got the talent, we need to develop the right kind of mindset. Some of that can be taught. The rest will have to be bought. So who can we bring in to make this team tough minded?

Well, I think we can rule out Kwitter Brown and Bonzo Wells. I tend to think a sign and trade for either Ray Allen or Michael Redd would be ideal for this effort. But despite my trademongering, those are long shots at best of happening. The reality is that its going to come down to "trenches" kinds of guys. Last year, I was very much in favor of signing Etan Thomas from the Wizards. The Wiz matched the Bucks offer, so it wouldn't have happened anyway, but he does fit the mold of solid role player who will do the little things needed to win.

If you could bring back old friend Eric Williams and offload Mark Blount in the process, would you do it? For the money savings and the character issues alone I would. Kurt Thomas would be a good option. Donyell Marshall could be too. Danny seems to be interested in veteran point guards. What about Eric Snow? I keep talking about needing to dump Raef's salary, but hasn't he been exactly the kind of solid vet that we don't have many of?

I guess by throwing out names I'm opening myself up to a lot of criticism, but I'm not trying to propose trades here. I'm just bringing up examples.

The bottom line is that this team is most likely going to have to go after someone who doesn't have the biggest name, but has a great personality and can provide the younger players with an example of a guy that does his job the right way. Or put another way, this team is full of Mannys and Millars (and maybe a Nomar?). They need a few Nixons and Variteks to take the next step.