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Go For It

I can't help it. I have to dream big. Maybe we can't get KG and Ray Allen might not be the answer. But why can't we get someone great? I won't throw around any more names (today), but imagine Paul with another great player? We have the trade assets to do something big. The Heat rolled the dice and ended up with Shaq to go with Wade. The Rockets pulled the trigger and now have McGrady to go with Yao. We need to find a team in flux, looking for quantity over quality, and meet their price.

I love Ricky, but I'd package him with a young player and a pick to make something big happen. We can do the same with Walker in a sign and trade. If Paul and Al are the cornerstones, lets put another cornerstone down and fill in the gaps around them.

Whatever young guns we didn't trade would be just the kind of cheap talent you need to fill out a roster when you have big salaries. Believe it or not, I think Justin Reed could be ready for some rotation minutes next year. We have the potential to add 3 MORE rookies in this draft.

Look at it this way, if we do nothing but let Walker and Payton walk and use all our draft picks, we'll be the youngest team in the league, far.

Look at it another way, Memphis gathered more and more talent and never pulled the trigger on a bigger deal. Now the shelf life on those guys has run out and they're faced with a dismantling project. Beyond Al, which of our Young Guns is going to develop into anything more than a solid rotation guy? I just don't think we can go with the status quo.

Of course, there is an inherent risk in putting your eggs into one basket. If he doesn't mesh well with your team (like Webber) or gets hurt (umm, again, like Webber), then you've got an albatross situation. But at some point, you gotta take chances to win big.

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