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What Is Thoughts From The Cheap Seats? (FAQ)

Thoughts From The Cheap Seats is our effort to expand the scope of our blogging staff. We've expanded by a total of 7 new bloggers that have their very own blog within a blog to rant, rave, ramble and generally write about the team that they love so dearly.

Who are these people?
In no particular order, they are Master PO, JALN, Green17, Motown, Rifleman, Bent, and Gabe Kahn (of the Metro)

Why these guys?
Because we like their style. We don't always agree with them, but they are passionate about the Celtics and they each bring unique aspects to the site that we wanted to bring out more.

Can I write too?
No. Sorry. We are not accepting applications at this time. We're still in beta testing of this idea and further expansion will only occur when it naturally fits the direction of the site. You are, however, welcome to continue posting in the message boards and all over the site in the comments sections.

What, is this a new site or something?
Something like that. It is still CelticsBlog, its just an additional feature. You'll see how it works.