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Fast Breaks by Green 17

  • David Stern must have insomnia. Why else would PHX and DAL end every night at or after midnight? It's really the only series I really want to watch, but the West coast friendly start time kills me. I can't do it. Sunday's time was ridiculous. Whatever happened to the good old days of the network triple header starting at 1230. I refuse to believe the NBA gets better ratings at 9:30pm EST on a Sunday than they would at 4pm. It works for the NFL.....
  • I have a confession. As a Celtics fan this troubles me. My favorite current player isn't a Celtic. Not even close. Dwayne Wade is absolutely ridiculous. How he wasn't a top 3 MVP candidate is beyond me. I can't believe he is only a sophmore. No one in the NBA enterains me like him, only one close is BronBron... He is everything I think I am when I'm on the court.
  • Summer assignments for the young guns:
    Delonte - learn to use that right hand Marcus - jump shots, lots of them. maybe some layups too
    Tony - chess, checkers, whatever is going to improve your focus TA
    Al - become The Man
    Perk - give some of your aggressiveness to Al
    Justin - Practice, practice, practice...i hope that stuff on Kobe wasn't the highlight of your career.
    and a bonus for Mark Blount - pack your bags.
  • Is anyone a fan of Screamer A. Smith?
    When did people screaming at me become an acceptable form of television entertainment? - Along the same lines, I think I'm qualified to be a NBA color guy or analyst. It appears the qualifications are a. wear a suit and b.....umm no i think you just need to own a suit.
  • The Pistons/Pacers series is dreadful to watch. I hate both teams, and the play is just completely uninspiring.
  • I have the highest of hopes for Danny this summer, I'm anticipating something big that none of us will see coming...
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