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Not a Rumor, Just Someone's Idea

Don't shoot the messenger, just passing this along (LA Times):

Ainge is expected to offer Walker, a free agent, something like $7 million a year and doesn't care if he leaves. However, starting a youth movement with no immediate title prospects, insiders say the organization is also open to what was once unthinkable - trading Pierce... OK, how about to the local hope (Clippers) for Corey Maggette and Chris Wilcox? If it takes a No. 1 on top of that, throw it in, too. Wilcox and the pick are superfluous. Maggette is exciting, a major producer, a gamer and a bargain at $7 million a year but Pierce is a bona fide great player, if one with some growing up to do, and, at 27, just entering his prime. Bringing him home and adding him to their promising young lineup would be dynamite

There's also already a thread on this in the forums.

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