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Lotto Thoughts

Crazy lottery this year. First of all, the Wizards/Bullets weren't in it but both the Knicks and Lakers were. Then 2 teams jump several spots pushing down the Bobcats. Then the Bucks win the whole shebang leaving the GM with a deer in headlights look that had me rolling. Then to see his hand shaking like he just got 2,000 volts shot through him was pure comedy. Poor guy couldn't formulate a complete thought. Even at the beginning of the program, he was the first one I noticed that was visibly in full stage-fright mode. Good times.

I don't think they can pass on a talent like Marvin Williams. After that, its anyone's guess. If I were the Hawks, I'd go with Paul to run their attack (lobbing it up to Smith and company) and worry about the center spot later. They won't get Dalembert since he'll resign with the O'Brienless Sixers, but they could find someone to fill the void. Will they do that? Who knows? Perhaps the temptation to take Bogut will be too great.

I think the Blazers would love to snatch Bogut and make him the new Sabonis, but if not, there are already whispers that they'll bypass Paul and pick Green out of high school. I guess he and Telfair would make one heck of an AAU team, but they'd be at least a year or two away from clicking on this level.

Should be a fun month leading up to the draft.

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