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Myth Busting

I keep hearing people make pronouncements about why the Celtics will draft one way or not draft another way and I have to say I disagree with it all. Here are some myths being sold on mock drafts and why they are untrue.

C's will draft a Euro and leave him overseas for a few years.
Sure, if someone is available and worthy of a pick. We finished the season 3 players short of the maximum 15 available slots and we could see one or two free agents walk. So its not like we don't have somewhere to put someone where they might be able to help us right away.

C's are too young, won't draft another H.S. player.
Why not? If you are willing to put a player overseas for two years, why not get a kid and stick him on the bench for 2 years (worst case). Who knows, he could pull a Al Jefferson and click right away. There are plenty of H.S. kids with more maturity than what was on display from this team at the end of the year. (wow, I think I just channeled Peter May)

C's need a point guard & center.
Drafting on need? Are we that picky? Are we that set at other positions? Starting with point guard, if we are nervous about turning over the offense to a sophmore and 3rd year guy, why would we trust a rookie any more? As for the center spot, who in the NBA doesn't need a center? If you reach, you end up with an Araujo. That's never good.

You just can't tell what this team is going to do on draft night until you see how the board plays out. Danny and his team of scouts will set up their draft board, make promises to their favorites, talk trades all night, and when their turn comes they'll pick the proverbial "best player available."

The rest of what you read is just filler text when a columnist can't think of what to write next to a team he knows nothing about.

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