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The Fellowship of the Miserable by JALN

Ha, I bet that got your attention. Unfortunately this describes Boston Celtics fans to a T. I sure did not agree with the way Ricky boy handled things here, but, this one statement is well documented fact. You see it on message boards, in e-mails and in the press in general.

Constantly we see statements like "If Danny does that, I will stop watching the Celtics" or "We have been rebuilding for too many years" or "I can't wait that long" There is a phrase for all of the above statements "Fair-weather Fans"

Boston fans and rag reporters as well, truly thrive on being negative. If Danny and the owners are really moving towards a championship with Ainge vision in mind, do they really care what we think? If the owners had listened to the fans when Toine was traded away the first time, would Danny still be employed? We saw statements like "worst GM ever" and "What is he thinking" I for one am glad that the owners paid no attention to the fans, they saw and understood what Danny was trying to do. Now, a majority of these same fans were hollering Danny should get an extension, which thankfully he got.

For those of you that say we have been rebuilding too long, I agree with you, but why have we been rebuilding so long? The fact is Danny has really only been rebuilding for 2 years in a 5 year plan.(before you say it, I know Danny has been here 3, but as a caveat, he really didn't get much done the first year, because he wasn't here long enough to properly evaluate the draft) Were we rebuilding before that? Yes, but the problem was our owners and GM's just didn't have the stomach for it. Fact is, they got cold feet 25% of the way into the rebuild. We all saw the ML Carr days, as well as the Pitino days; thank god those days are over. Between coming in and taking over so close to the draft and Obie-Wan-Cannolli refusing to develop the youngsters, this also set it back a year.

So just remember when you think it is taking to long to rebuild... Danny has done exactly what he said he would do. He has gotten us younger, more athletic and more talented from some of the worst contracts this franchise has ever seen and done it all in 2 short years, not bad following up over a decade of idiotic draft picks, horrendous contracts and a complete lack of the team concept.

Trust in Danny, he has shown that he can spot talent; he has also shown that he understands the cap. Just don't be surprised if the team takes one more step back, before the final push forward. We are right at the cap number, so Danny is going to be hesitant to sign any long term deals, he will not lose the flexibility he has right now until he knows he has the right group of players. The NBA in general is moving towards cap responsibility as well as flexibility.