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Diary of a Celtchotic: "I loathe this time of year"

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It's a favorite time of the year for some people. Where rampant speculation can get you lots of attention. "Sources" are like water right now. If you believe half of what comes out during this season, then you also believe that there are massive and purposeful leaks of information, dis-information and unofficial trade proposals coming out of every franchise of the NBA. Everyone is setting their table for their off-season moves. Oliver Stone, eat your heart out.

I loathe this time of year. The NBA Playoffs are on. Even though the Celtics are no longer involved, it's been interesting watching. Defense is starting to prevail in the West, as the Spurs have the Suns facing a potential Game 5 elimination. The East just got an episode of Wade's World and the Miami/Detriot series is looking like it'll go 7.

Despite all that, the busiest time of year is upon us for the legions of NBA fans who become wannabe GM's, unofficial Team sources, or guys who know people, who know people, who know people.....

I loathe this time of year.

It's when guys like that from the Inquirer,.....excuse me.....Post, consume the grey matter of otherwise intelligent fans. It's the time of year when people are either consumed with proposing (often homerish and lop-sided) trade offers or talking draft picks to any complete stranger that'll listen or you're like me and looking for a distraction from the frenzy. It's not like it's not an important time, it's just that I don't enjoy it. I prefer to sit in the shadows, do my research and wait the initial frenzy that normally nabs the big name FA's out. In relation to the draft, I won't normally even post my mock draft until the day before the draft, if at all. Mostly, I just call my picks for the Celtics draft picks on draft day. (Joe Forte draft not with-standing. Don't ask me what I was thinking)

From a blog perspective, I love the activity and frankly, creativity that the time brings out of everyday fans. I just don't like being an overly-active part of it. I am a more reserved type. I like to read. I like to evaluate and run scenarios on my own. It's just my way....

end entry

Please excuse my general abscence from the main page in the coming month or so. I'll still be around the site and have the pleasure of working with the "Thoughts from the Cheap Seats" writers. I promise to post my draft picks and FA scenarios for you, but as I've explained, in due time. Thanks for a great season. I hope you enjoyed the recaps.

Yours in Mutual Celtchosis,