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Sox for the Holiday

(Before you read too far: No, you're not imagining that this is about baseball. "Cheap Seats" is mostly for Celtics/Basketball discussion, but we'd be remiss if we didn't occasionally toss in an article about the Sox and Pats. We know you're thinking about them. We know because so are we.)

Memorial Day weekend is fitting for a Sox vs Yankee series.

First, regardless of your political framepoint with the "war", our service men and women (who are just out there doing thier jobs) deserve the best entertainment possible. Having the greatest rivalry in baseball (and perhaps sports) play on this weekend is certainly something MLB schedulers did right. In a Sox vs Yanks series, there are more than a few heroes and memorable battles to be recalled. Sure, it's not real war, but don't tell that to the teams or the rabid fans of those teams right now.

I missed Fridays loss, but don't think that stopped Yankee fans from tossing shots my way on Saturday when I donned my Sox jersey. I was harassed in the ritual manner: "You actually have the nerve to wear that after last night?!" "Hey, that's a nice jersey. Almost as nice as the 2 Sox baserunners thrown out by Yankee outfielders last night". Yada, yada, ya...and so is the life of a Sox fan.

I'm used to it.

However, Saturday's tilt was of a tastier flavor for Red Sox Nation. A 17-1 Sox victory, which saw several records broken, including the worst loss by the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, EVER! There were other records broken and several other near misses or ties, but lets not rub it in. After all, I'm not a Yankee fan.

Edgar Renteria is starting to earn that paycheck we're paying him(Grand Slam last night) and Matt Clement continued to roll. Clement plunking Jeter in the back, intended or not(NOT) will endear him to the Sox Nation as well. I know it got a chuckle out of me and a mumble of "Je-ter Sucks". Trot and Captain Caveman had a nice night as well, both at the plate and in the field. Manny and Shrek (I refuse to call a grown man "Big Popi") did thier usual thing.

The litmus test will come tonight, as the teams meet again for the rubber match of this series. Yes it's still early in the season and these games don't necessarily mean that much in the pennant race. However, they mean everything to the fans. I can't wait to tune into the game tonight. It's not the Celtics, but it'll do.