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Happy Memorial Day

We here at Celticsblog want to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day.

Regardless of each of our personal political agendas/beliefs on the current conflict, etc., We want to wish all those service Men and Women out there our best wishes. It doesn't matter what political agenda sent you there. It matters that you took up the call to join our armed forces and are standing your post. For that, you have our sincere thanks and respect. May you all enjoy a safe and happy day and may you return to your loved ones soon. Whether you're special forces operator or an assistant potato peeler, you are a Hero.

For those that have served and/or laid down thier lives in defense of our freedom in the past, your sacrifice does not go unacknowledged. Thank you for your service, our freedom, and may god bless you and yours.

Celticsblog Staff.