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Weekend Update

Some quick hits from the long weekend:

  • "Udrih and Rasho Nesterovic were having a postgame dinner back in November in a Boston restaurant with then-Celtic Jiri Welsch. Duncan entered with Robert Horry, and when he spotted the table of players, he walked over. 'Hey, Jiri,' he said. 'What's going on, fellas?' When Duncan left, Welsch was in disbelief. 'Our stars would never come over like that,' he told Udrih and Rasho. As if on cue, Ricky Davis walked by. He nodded and kept going."
  • This speaks volumes about the team chemistry (or at least how poorly Jiri fit into the team chemistry). Reading the rest of the article, I found myself upset at the fact that a team like the Spurs seem to "get it" while the Celtics do not (yet). The Spurs strike me as the Pats of the NBA. Which makes the Celitcs what? The Seahawks? Regardless, I'm jealous. This is also discussed in the forums.

  • ''Danny Fortson knocked down [Manu] Ginobili. And Ginobili got right back up, made the two free throws, and the Spurs won the game.

    ''To me, that's toughness," said the Celtics coach. ''I keep telling our guys that there's a big difference between being physical and playing aggressive and responding. If someone fouls you hard, you don't respond. You do what Ginobili did. You turn the other cheek, make the free throws and win the game. To me, turning the other cheek is much more of a sign of toughness than pushing back."

    Does sound like they are speaking directly to the Captain. Start with the star and get him in line, and the rest of the team will follow. At least in theory.

  • "Several teams are trying to deal with Seattle for rarely used rookie center Robert Swift, draft picks Nick Collison and Luke Ridnour and undrafted Reggie Evans and Damien Wilkens." Chicago Tribune

    Gotta wonder if Danny was in the mix.

  • There are also whispers that the Celtics may have offered a contract to Saras Jasikevicius, the best player in Europe. To clarify, the agent claims that he has offers for his client from two NBA teams: the Celtics and the Pacers.
  • Last, but not least, introducing 'Toine Week on Thoughts From The Cheap Seats! Leading off is Green17 with his thoughts on the matter.