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Blount Target

This is old news, but I couldn't resist the urge to post this picture created by YakYakYak:

Internet chat room dartboard Mark Blount was in town eight days ago for a cameo at the National Kidney Foundation Walk at Franklin Park. The transformation this past season from a friendly, outgoing Blount to a surly, incommunicative Blount caught those of us who cover the team by surprise. He simply ceased being a civil human being. Apparently the Celtics' fin de saison and Danny Ainge's comments about improved behavior didn't register with Blount when the Globe's Shira Springer approached him at the walk for some comments on the affairs of the day. When asked about the Celtics, Blount professed not to understand why anyone would want to discuss basketball just weeks after the season ended with a Game 7 blowout loss to the Pacers in the first round. Blount plans to go through his usual summer workout regimen, which includes pickup games in Miami, with Alonzo Mourning a frequent opponent. ''I'm just going to do the same old stuff, just basketball, training, working with my coaches and that's it," Blount said. The subject of a code of conduct did not bring any more insight from Blount. ''I don't know nothing," he said. ''I'm going back home. That's it."

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