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Making A Mockery

If history has taught me anything, its that I can't predict jack. While I have been telling you all year long that the Spurs are your 2005 Champions, looking at my playoff predictions score is sobering enough to keep me away from Vegas.

So instead of shoving my mock draft down your throats, I thought I'd make this a little more interactive. Lets make one together! Of course, the logistics will have to be ironed out, but the basic idea is that I'll gather your feedback and fill in the blanks as best I can. Obviously the final judgment call will be mine, but I will rely on your input as much as possible.

So looking over a vast array of potential draftees, I find it best to sort them into groups and start from there. I'll start with some groups just for arguments sake and you guys can let me know where I went wrong. We won't even worry about teams right now. Here we go:

Top 5 Locks (1-5): Sure, someone could slip in here, but the large consensus is that these will be the top 5.

Andrew Bogut, Marvin Williams, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Gerald Green

Remaining Lottery (6-14): This is where it gets much more dicey. There are 9 more spots in the lottery and plenty of guys that could land there. This will change.

Vazquez, Splitter, Webster, Felton, Frye, Wright, Granger, Taft, Andriuskevicius

Post Lottery - C's range (15-21 C's pick 18): As a Celtics site, we won't care too much about the rest of the first round past #18, but we might throw some names in there after the fact. Basically, these are the guys that we have a legit shot at seeing at our spot.

Warrick, May, Villanueva, Graham, McCants, Jack, Petro

Everyone Else: This group will mostly go low, but any of them could go anywhere. At least one of them is most likely going to shoot into the lottery in the final days, I just don't know who.

Brynum, Blatche, Ukic, Ellis, Hodge, Fernandez, Morris, Gomes, Garcia, Simien, Diogu, Tomas, Turiaf, Miles, Lee, (insert just about any Euro player here)

So help a brotha out. Where did I go wrong? Who obviously deserves to be in a different group? Comment here or in the message board thread: Making A Mockery

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